words were kept  to a minimum to allow the images to speak for themselves.
I was born In Alexandria, Egypt. My interest in painting developed in college and especially
in my first year of medical school. I joined the independent fine arts program offered at the
University Of Alexandria Atelier while pursuing my medical studies. As a student, I
participated in several university group shows and competitions and won several scholastic
In 1974, I had my first solo show at the University Physicians Club, and in 1975, I had my
second show at the Centre Culturel Francais (French Cultural Center) in Alexandria. After
Graduation, I practiced general medicine until I came to the USA in 1981 where I completed
my medical training. I have been practicing psychiatry in the San Francisco Bay area ever
since. Although I continued to paint, I did not show again until 1996.
I produce an average of 20 medium and large size paintings a year in addition to a number
of small size paintings and drawings. My favorite medium is oil.
The subjects of my paintings vary. The style reflects an Egyptian and South Mediterranean
influence. Many of my paintings depict human figures. The characters are involved in a
struggle. They are captives of time and the reason for their existence.
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Nagui Achamallah